Sunday, September 24, 2006

Create PDF using 100% JavaScript Code

BCL's PDF Heads came up with a way to create PDF using 100% Javascript code.With easyPDF JavaScript, you can dynamically:
  1. Draw Text.
    The attributes needed are: Start Point (x,y), the text, font name, font size, font style (plain, bold, italic, underlined), and color. BCL easyPDF JavaScript will also need all the information from GetTextMetrics( ) function from Windows API.
  2. Draw Rectangle.
    The attributes needed are: Rectangle, Foreground Color, Background Color, and Pattern.
  3. Draw Polygon.
    The attributes needed are: List of Points (x,y), foreground color, background color, pattern.
  4. Draw Line.
    The attributes needed are: Starting Point (x,y), Stopping Point, Foreground Color.
  5. Draw Bitmap.
    The attributes needed are: Rectangle, the Data (binary), the Size, the Type (JPG).
Contact us if you need to do something like this.